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(b. 1985, Boston, MA)
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

MFA, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2011-2013
BFA, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, 2004-2008

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions
2015 / You Should Know When To Laugh, 315 Gallery, New York, NY
2015 / Island Girl on Video, AC Institute, New York, NY
2014 / Island Girl, Gordilloscudder, Brooklyn, NY
2011 / Usamlkpda, Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH

Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings
Upcoming ---> *Link coming soon!* / Nowhere Nowhere, The Jim Morrison room at Alta Cienega Motel, West Hollywood, CA, curated by ULTRASTUDIO of Pescara, Italy
Upcoming / My end is a legend, CAC Brétigny, Essonne, France, organized by Julie Grosche and Florian Sumi
Upcoming / two-person show with Jennyfer Haddad, arebyte Gallery, London, UK, curated by Rebecca Edwards
2018 / The Dangerous Professors, Flatland Gallery, Houston, TX, curated by Ruslana Lichtzier in association with the Core Residency Program of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
2018 / 1,500,000,000,000, Triumph, Chicago, IL, curated by Ruslana Lictier and Ryan Coffey
2018 / Can u follow my order, please?, isthisit Residency with Jennyfer Haddad, a platform founded by Bob Bicknell-Knight
2017 / Teasers, video screening at Pete's Candy Store, curated by Drea Cofield and BombPop!Up
2017 / Can I take ur order in French, please?, F8 Residency, digital collaboration with Jennyfer Haddad, curatorial project of Perce Jerrom
2017 / Massachusetts, Virtual Dream Center 2.0, virtualdreamcenter.xyz, curatorial project of Nicholas Steindorf
2017 / Eyes Above, Bodies Below, The Ryder, London, England, curated by Erik Martinson
2017 / Screening at Asmbly Night, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Christine Navin and Julie Grosche
2017 / Coping Copy, Konstanet, Tallinn, Estonia
2017 / No Vacancy 2, Squat Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Sara Blazej and Alt Esc
2017 / From an Object into an Active Subject, Alexander’s Garage, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Felix R. Cid
2017 / Essay project for Lookie-Lookie, online platform by Natalie Westbrook and Johannes DeYoung
2017 / Zine contribution for “Love for Love / Hate for Hate: A Glossary of our Time,” curated by Beverly Acha
2017 / Screening Event for The Sputtering, Human-Shaped Machine at Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Jerry Blackman
2017 / The Sputtering, Human-Shaped Machine at Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Jerry Blackman
2016 / Screening Event at VOX Bizarre, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Randi Shandroski of Lactic Incorporated
2016 / Triplication, Sushi Bar Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, guest curated by Elisa Rigoulet from Exo Exo, Paris, FR
2016 / Cicada Screen, The Java Project, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Florencia Escudero
2016 / Electric Swing, Ruf XXX, Seoul, South Korea, by House of Collections, curated by Florencia Escudero
2016 / Noise, ETAA Studio, Seoul, South Korea, curated by Florencia Escudero
2015 / Leopardi, Giacomo. III. Dialogo della Moda e della Morte. [Febbraio 15 – 18, 1824]. L’Operette Morali. memory is blue in the head? heads are easily taken off, Peninsula Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Alan Longino
2015 / Providence + Friends, Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY
2014 / The Local Show, Cable Car Cinema, Providence, RI, curated by Seth Watters and Faith Holland
2014 / McDonald’s Show, McDonald’s on Canal, New York, NY, curated by Am Schmidt
2014 / DARK MATTER, MINT, Columbus, OH, curated by Cudelice Brazelton
2014 / The Deep End, Whitdel Arts, Detroit, MI
2014 / Flint Projections, Spencer’s Art House, Flint, MI
2014 / Mod Coms, Art Center Gallery, Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA
2014 / Brucennial, The Grand Finale, Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York, NY
2013 / Experimental Video Festival, Launch Pad Cooperative, Toledo, OH
2013 / The Work is Worth It, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, curated by Morgan Pearse
2013 / Triskaidekaphobia, Parade Ground Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Bradford Kessler and AA Bronson
2013 / Thesis 2013, Green Gallery at Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT
2012 / Optic Nerve 14, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Miami, FL
2012 / Video Screening, private home, New York, NY, curated by Meredith James and Michel Auder
2012 / monu_MENTAL, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2011 / Frais Peint, Green Gallery at Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT
2011 / All That Matters, Screw Factory, Lakewood, OH
2010 / I Am An Important Giant, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2010 / Ex Deo Libertas, Life is Art West, Sonoma County, CA
2010 / Latatara, New York Estonian House, New York, NY
2010 / Because I Said So, The Project Gallery, Asheville, NC
2009 / Voodoo Experience, New Orleans City Park, New Orleans, LA
2009 / 12x12x122, Beca Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2008 / Us Show, Schafler Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016 / ‘Triplication’ Group show by Exo Exo at Sushi Bar, O Fluxo article
2014 / Super-Sized Sculpture Show Pops Up at Chinatown McDonald’s, article on animalnewyork.com
2012 / Two Vivid Imagist Show Some Optic Nerve, article in The Sun Sentinel
2012 / Guinness World Records 2012, by Guinness World Records
2010 / Curate This 2010 New Art, book by the Beca Foundation
2010 / Taking Art Into Her Own Hands, article in The Mountain Xpress
2009 / Review: The Art of 2009 Voodoo, article in The Times-Picayune
2009 / Radio Interview, WWOZ New Orleans Radio

Residencies and Awards
2010 / Life is Art West Foundation, Sonoma County, CA